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Dear gentle souls stumbling on this post:

Decades of obsession with orgasm, pushed around by hormonal urges (that is what they felt like), and repeated struggles with partners who either didn't meet my voracious appetite (sexual needs/urges) or, somehow failed my criteria to trigger arousal and sexual I am, posting this at age 65, happy about sharing with a community of folks who might be able to relate.

The next step here is to find a balance between my strong need to be free and independent, and a nagging sense of sexual desire, which apparently at this stage can only be meet through relating to women with whom there is vibrational resonance (rapport, connection).

So far so good................normally, I am used to complain about one thing or another, however at this moment, the process seems to unfold just beautifully.

After all these years of compartmentalization of the heart (4th chakra) and the genital area (2nd chakra), there is an emerging sense of unification of the two. Still feeling a bit like a virgin, who is nibbling on the sweetness of the electric streaming throughout the body, touching upon at least the 2nd and the 4th little-by-little there is an opening for such an experience, and sharing with others about it.

Happy to be hear, and happy to explore and go into more detail, preferably together with those of you who feel enticed to share what the above might be bringing up for them?