Rebooting my brain: first day

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I am 28 year old male from small country in Europe.. I decide to rebooting myself from porn. This is first time to admit my addiction to people.
Fighting with this disease last for years and many times i decide to not look at porn and not masturbating, but I always relapse..
I am happy to found this site and hope that telling my story to other people who also have this kind of addiction will help me to achieve my goal.
Recently start to observe and use new ''weapon'' against this addiction named hagiotheraphy, for basic information about this method look at this site

Hope that I'll keep posting my progress.


Submit my 1 week without PMO.

Submit my 1 week without PMO.. Little bit hard but I keep going. This RED X approach is pure psychological, hagiotheraphy is spiritual approach and much more personal development.. Greetings from Croatia!!
p.s. sorry for my grammar mistakes

Hi! Just to say that I am 2

Hi! Just to say that I am 2 weeks without PMO.. For now I am success in my battle with cravings.. I have moderately mood swings mixed with depression and anxiety and I am emotionally sensitive more then usual.. I understand all psychological changes are part of progress but hope that will not last too long..

Well done

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What's helping you the most?

Thank you for suggestion and

Thank you for suggestion and I will do so..

My motivation (bring my brain, body and soul to balance, successful and enjoyable relationship with girlfriend, family and friends) is helping me the most but also crucial is keeping myself busy with all kind of stuff like doing professional job, hobby, sports activity, helping others, spirituality, educate myself in various area..

Btw its my 24 day of no PMO..

Hi Marnia, unfortunately

Hi Marnia, unfortunately yesterday I relapse :( triggered by alcohol..

I am proud that I succeed 28 day without PMO and my battle continous..

It's not how we fall. It's how we get back up again.

Hi Marnia, I am back here to

Hi Marnia, I am back here to say that I am 30 day without PMO..
Little details about me:.
Like many of porn users I have also start masturbate when I was 13-14 years old like part of normal development and exploring sexuality.. When I got internet connection in my 20 little by little I hook up on soft porn.. As years passed by I switched up from soft porn to more hardcore pictures and videos.. In the mean time my relationship with girl always be short life and i was unsuccessful in that area because my low self esteem, self confidence and social anxiety.

In past several weeks i have read lot of articles about porn addiction and stuff related with this in, also read lot of recovery story at and this is been extremely helpful to me and I finally realize the root of my relationship problem..

Now in my 30th day without PMO I have experiencing flatline i suppose because I am not have any libido. In first 3 weeks i had morning erections but in last couple of days it's stops. My confidence is getting better each day, mood swings are present but every day less and less. I have noticed improvements in my conversation with other people especially girl..

I am reading Daniel Amen books which are also helpful too.

Must to thank you and your husband for your amazing and awesome work!!

45 days without PMO,

45 days without PMO,
I am still in flatline (no wet dreams, no morning erections).
I feel much better in my mind (thinking clearly), have still mood swings but I am happier longer time then before.,
I must say that quitting this addiction is one of the best thing that I do for myself..

You ask me once time: ''What's your secret?''
my answer is: my motive to live life to the fullest..

p.s. I discover and read book: No more mr Nice Guy and this book definitely described myself..
Now I know causing root of my porn addiction.

Hi, thank you for suggesting

Hi, thank you for suggesting tools to connect and there is great ideas to connect with people but I am living in small town and dont have many opportunities for that kind of connecting.. Fortunately I am physiotherapist and I am working with people and this helps alot.. Btw I am in my 54day without PMO, no signs of improvement my libido, Iam considering to try Solo Tantra .. Also recently I quitting my smoking habits..