Craving for orgasm subsiding after 5 months

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Things have been so busy the past few weeks I haven't been on this site for a little while. Here's an update about me and my wife's journey.

It was the beginning of July when I first decided to try going a month without an orgasm. I did pretty well, but did a lot of edging, and experienced fairly regular miniature orgasms. I don't think I would have referred to these as orgasms in the past, but now after going for extended periods without a full blown eruption, I have become more sensitive to these sensations and now view them as a mild form of orgasm - with the mild versions of after effects of regular orgasm (loss of erection hardness, emotionally feeling more 'done' with sex for the time being).

Now in our 5th month things have cooled down a little. I think its partly we've moved out of the "honeymoon" period and also this time of year just is very busy for us and our business. Plus we have had some crisis in our extended family that have taken extra time and energy. So while we are still enjoying sex, we haven't been having sex once or twice a day like we were from July through November (I still have a hard time believing we were doing that!)

Another issue is that I'm finding that I'm not craving orgasms like I used to. This is actually a relief. I think the months of practice has conditioned me to feel more comfortable not experiencing that release. Before we started this lifestyle, I would have thought it impossible to have sex and then go to sleep without coming. But now its normal and no big deal. Its amazing how the body adapts if you give it a chance!

When I first started my "orgasm every 30 day" plan I could hardly wait for that 30th day! It was easy to kind of obsess about it. Now i'm feeling more relaxed about it, and am thinking about going a longer interval.

What I'm interested in the next several weeks is to explore a greater interval without getting so close to the edge of orgasm. I'm feeling less inclined to push the sexual intensity up toward 8 or 9 (10 being the orgasm, of course!) and exploring the 6-7 range.



Thanks for checking in

Everyone's experiences are useful in this "laboratory."

We have had the same experience. Sex is enjoyable, but it's not a crushing blow if something intervenes. Meanwhile, many other things in life are more deeply satisfying than when the Big O was the goal...and somehow that's actually fine.

It's all very mysterious. Unknw

I thought I'd crave orgasm

But that desire left me.

It went away and I just had no trouble getting rid of it. I marvel at how easy it was.

I occasionally fall of the edge but it's accidental or my body needs it or something but it's rare.

I think the desire will leave you too as you are seeing less tension about it. Cuddling a lot is really the key to not having this tension build up. I'm constantly amazed at how I perceive my partner differently if we don't cuddle or have sex for a few days.