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Checking In

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I regret to say that I did relapse again. I couldn't handle the sexual frustration and I was taking my anger out on everyone. I looked at some mild softcore female porn. I stayed away from porn for a few days after, but ended up feeling compelled to look at the tranny porn again. It didn't do much for me, so I ended up masturbating a few more times to female porn.

Another Failure, Another Attempt

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I made it 4 weeks on my last attempt. Things were going well until I had a random dream about a transexual. I woke up with an erection and began to obsess over what it meant. I ended up viewing porn the following day. Straight porn was more desirable initially, but I started to switch to tranny porn once I got into the addictive state.

Attempt 3, Day 1

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I ended my 2nd attempt a few days ago and went on a 3-day porn binge. My 1st attempt lasted around 30 days and my 2nd attempt ended at 45 days. The relapse after the 2nd attempt was very discouraging and caused me to completely waste a weekend, but I'm back to give it another shot.