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Hey guys. That day is approaching and I'm really excited. But this is going to be more than just a stop PMO. This is going to be a full out change in my life if I can just keep on track. I recommend you all make similar changes in your life, as well. Although the whole "SMART" goal bullshit recommends only having one goal at a time, I don't believe in that. I feel with routine, I should be able to make beneficial changes to my life. I am writing this section in 2 parts. The first have to do with health and well being, the others have to do with things I can do; hobbies, aethetics, stress relief, etc. So, sorry about my long posts but I'm trying to put as much info as I can!


I am going to attempt meditation every day. I'm sure there will be some days where I can't, but most days will suffice.

I am just beginning to learn about the benefits of meditation, but in a situation like this, I believe this may be the most important thing possible. The benefits seem almost too good to believe, but there is a lot of evidence and people to back it up and when you get down to the science of it, it really does make sense. Some benefits you may see are
1.A better sense of well being and less stress.
2.A greater control over your thoughts, even being able to STOP THEM COMPLETELY(WHO HERE WOULDN'T LIKE THAT???!!!!)
3.A better control over the body, a feeling of being "one"
4.The ability to apply yourself fully, better concentration and clarity (brain fog anyone?)
5.Numerous other health benefits (less stress=less chance of heart failure)
6.Being able to live in "the present"
--I never really thought about this. How often do you really live in the present? We are either looking forward to/dreading the future or reminscing about the past. Meditation lets you just take a break, detach yourself from the world, and just BE.--
7.Learning to control breathing (Breathing is the #1 reason for panic attacks. Better breathing = more oxygen to the brain, giving it the ability to act more creatively and think outside the box)
8.Learning to separate your thoughts and emotions/transition.
--Many Japanese people will stop at a temple/zen house to meditate before and after work. This allows them to focus more at work and then cool down and leave the stress of work before they go home. How many fights have you had because you are stressed about something else?)

As you can see, I'm excited about meditation. I fully believe you can make your brain the way YOU want. Scientist are always saying "there is no cure for this mental disorder or that one" but I don't believe that. Your brain is YOURS. If YOU have the desire to change it, what is stopping you? If your brain can be rewired to look at stimulating pictures, you can rewire to be more attentive, creative, etc.

Exercise and Yoga
Cardio is the most important thing for stress and anxiety. If you do not exercise, your brain can pretty much shut down. I recommend exercising outside. I hate running, but I'm going to attempt to run at least four times a week. I spent a lot of time at OCD forums, and people will always ask "Is there ANYTHING I can do to feel better? Is there ANYTHING? This is the WORST thing in my life. Please just someone help!" and I always say "exercise." Do they do it? No. That is how much people do NOT want to exercise. Don't get me wrong: I HATE running. But I guarantee you will have a feeling of well being after the first day, just imagine how you will feel after a month or two. This will really help you along the addiction stages. It's hard to watch porn when you're running and afterwards you will feel too good to want to watch.
-I am also going to start doing yoga. I know I cannot do this everyday because that would be too much. But yoga is great to get into touch with your body and expecially to focus on your breathing. While too much yoga can be bad, I recommend focusing completely on the breathing types.


I don't thinking stopping all fatty foods is a good thing. I believe as long as you eat fruit, vegetables, grains, and protein you can live a healthy life mixed with exercise. The catch is to not eat fatty foods ALL the time. Poor dieting is the SECOND most important cause of anxiety.
-I am going to start eating fruits and vegetables EVERY day. I am also going to cut out as much soda from my diet as possible. I will drink water every day and take a minimal amount of medicine/vitamins. I have read that many of these can do more damage than good, so we'll see how that goes.

Comments, suggestions, concerns? I love to hear them. You all have already been so supportive and I haven't even started yet. Thank you so much.


Excellent suggestions

They come up here all the time. On YBOP, you will find studies supporting all of these choices. These changes definitely synergize, and help regulate mood during withdrawal. Be gentle with yourself as you ease into your new habits.