Have to start rebooting again

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Ok, it happened again this afternoon - I did M and O again. I think I was too confident that I would be able to stay sober. This is the problem if I start relaxing. The whole week was so busy and strenuous; I didn't even feel like doing it. Plus I was still on my period until a few days ago. Now it's this difficult time again. Of course it felt good to get relief of my tension, but I feel stirred up now - imbalanced. I hope I can leave it at this one time and move on. Well, of course I can - I just have to be willing enough!


Just keep going

Every day you manage to resist helps restore your willpower.

Do you know what triggered it? Can you do something to be ready the next time?

Also, let me know if you notice your willpower is weaker over the next couple of weeks. Often it is. So be ready!

The guys here find that vigorous exercise helps relieve the tension and elevate mood. Think it would work for you too?

Thanks for the tip

Hi Marnia, indeed I think exercise would help. The thing is that I'm coughing a little bit, and exercise would make this worse. So at the moment I can only go for long walks. The thing is that once I'm fixed on doing M, I don't want to do anything else to distract me. Only if I'm lucky somebody calls me or I'm getting distracted otherwise. I just need to learn to channel my thoughts better into the richt direction. Indeed, it's always my thoughts that trigger it. Of course, once I lie down and relax, I become aware of this touch hunger. And I know that at the moment, I only have one way to satisfy it (well, at least temporarily). However, I know from past experience that M and O only satisfies for a very short period. Right now, I'm ok. I'm sleepy enough to go to bed without laying hands on myself. In fact, I don't even want to stimulate myself manually (I humped a pillow this afternoon).

Healthy longings

It's always good to be reassured that my desire is healthy and to realize that I have a normal sex drive. It's not that there aren't any people around me who give me physical touch. Like at church yesterday, I got lot's of hugs and kisses (as usual), however this is non-sexual touch, and unfortunately, this is not what I want...