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Paleo Diet, Addictive Foods, and Porn

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My partner and I started following a Paleo diet about a year ago, and one of the concepts of a Paleo/Ancestral diet, is that modern, hyper-processed, 'high-reward' foods are addictive, and prevent us from enjoying natural healthy foods. Sound familiar?

This week, two prominent Paleo bloggers have caught the idea from Gary's work and the Your Brain on Porn site that PORN and junk food are a lot alike. And they like the science that Gary's presented:


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My partner and I have recently drastically changed our diet. We've dropped all grains, seeds and legumes and all refined carbs (sugars) from our diet. Essentially a Primal/Paleo diet. The changes for me have been astounding. Numerous nagging little complaints I've had over my life have vanished. IBS completely resolved. Lactose intolerance, gone! My vision is better, colors are brighter. Naturally sweet fruit tastes way sweet now. My BP has lowered significantly. (From Good to "fantastic!")

The face of a buddha

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The actual experience of Karezza - the peaceful closeness, makes me feel blissful and smile in a very specific way. Yesterday, I opened my eyes and saw that my partner was wearing the exact same smile.

There's a Buddha statue that I've seen pictures of that has the same kind of smile.

It's at this site: http://www.happyartists.co.uk/gallery/v/Buddhas/0002_IMG.jpg.html


4 months of daily bonding behaviors & frequently attempted karezza

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My partner were talking about the last 4 months of our experiment and the last year or so in general, and analyzing the data I'd recorded.

He doesn't notice a hangover, but he doesn't miss the orgasms and he can see that I'm happier, so he's happier. I'm not just happier, I'm calmer, more resilient, thankful that I'm so lucky to be so blessed with my partner and many times, just plain blissful. I'm also sleeping better. My blood pressure is lower.

Taking Marnia's advice

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Last night my partner and I choose face-to-face Karezza again, and while it was very arousing, we were able to anchor far enough away from the edge to avoid going over. This was one of those amazing, special times. Intense but 'in the moment', without any intentional movement towards orgasm. We stopped when it was time, and fell asleep snuggled together.

Today I thought about it a number of times, and instead of feeling horny, that luscious feeling of love and oneness and closeness came back to me, and I felt as if I was brandied in it.


Observations of balance

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As some of you know, my partner and I work in the same office. This last week we had a 'hell week', as far as work goes - systems sending out failing messages in the middle of the night on Sunday (had to go in at 1 am - stayed till 3, home at 4, back in at 8, yeesh!) , a yearly audit starting, and our usual rush to get the money 'out the door'. We still keep in touch with a group of ex-employees, and this most recent Friday, 10 of us had a date to go out and have a Friday happy hour.