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Disturbing Article about the current Generation of Men and Women

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Here's an Atlantic article that I found interesting, and disturbing.


I think it was Marina that mentioned that someone wanted to do a study about porn usage in College students, but couldn't find enough (or any?) that weren't using it. Maybe there's a connection.


Music, Karezza, Tears and my tingling skin.

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved music. Classical, especially Cello trios and quartets, Big Band, Tango, Gregorian Chants, Spacey rock, Crooners (Dino!), Opera, Country, Jazz, Choral, Marching Band, Pop, Hawaiian Cuban, French and now, to my chagrin, Glee - you name it, I've listened, danced, swayed, tingled and wept over it if it moved me. Sometimes the tears just flow because my whole body is tingling with the feeling of musical rapture.