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Just saw this on my Osho Facebook page and thought I would share it here for anyone interested~~for me, this exercise has been absolutely life-changing.



Why only women?

This relates to something that has puzzled me lately regarding Osho. Maybe I'm missing something as I'm by no means an expert on Osho or duality.

He uses non-duality. Yet, he seems to simultaneously have a hierarchy/wholarchy structure. If we called women, women-men and men, men-women in terms of dualities, then this should be useful for both. One might suggest that this will not bring awareness to male attributes. However. feminine attributes take a masculine form in men. A stronger male feminine is actually a stronger masculine by virtue of that male spice.

I also find it peculiar how Osho talks about what women should do. Regardless of the validity, it contradicts his emphasis on the rationality of knowing (arguable, this could extend to much of his claims, though this could all be another duality). I see this as further evidence that this is for men too. The fact that women find it helpful adds validity to Osho's claims. It doesn't mean that a female incarnation of Osho would come to the same patterns. It could be that somehow male knows his feminine and female her masculine better than they know themselves. She might find tools that work well for men. That better knowing of the other might explain why women have thrived in a male role and why men to some extent are thriving when they shift into female roles (the more mixed roles is where there is often trouble).

Breast meditation

I feel certain this meditation is for women only as the breasts are our positive pole. He may have a similar meditation for men that involves *your* positive pole (I don't know~~I'm nowhere near even close to reading all of his lectures).

Any guys out there care to

Any guys out there care to experiment? I'm not sure about that part about paralysis if one gets it wrong.

I can pretty easily feel into my breasts. It's different than feeling into my heart because it's on both sides. I've not played with this much so I can't know what might happen long term. I have noticed that if I'm trying to have compassion for someone, this energy movement helps and feels perhaps less egoistic than moving into heart energy.

What do you notice as a women? As is described or something else?


Freedom, most if not all of Osho's words are transcribed from his spoken word and since he was quite the jokester, his mentioning paralysis if you do it wrong was *probably* just a joke (meant to drive home the point).

I take a lot of what he says as being said "tongue in cheek" although the message is still there...he just gives things a funny slant sometimes.

Rachel, how has this meditation

been life changing for you? How often and for how long do you practice it?

BTW, Diana Richardson has the same meditation on p. 68 of TOfW with somewhat more detail than on the Osho page.


Or another section? E-books aren't page numbered which seems a major flaw. 

Tantric Meditation
Meditating on the Breasts

Lie down alone in the ideal position for relaxation suggested in chapter 1, with about twenty minutes for yourself. Breast meditation can be done daily and will greatly support your breasts in coming to life and encourage the opening of your positive pole. If you have a lover, you can also use it as a part of foreplay or preparation for love, either on your own or with your partner lying in bed beside you.

If you wish, place a slightly cupped hand on each breast. Touching will enhance the feeling within the breasts, making it easier to bring awareness into them. If your elbows become uncomfortable at any time, change the position of your hands, placing them on the groin or lying with your arms straight at your sides. Close your eyes and take your awareness into your body, sensing your breasts and in particular your nipples. “Feel the fine qualities of creativity permeating your breasts and assuming delicate configurations.” Move into your breasts; let your breasts become your whole being. Melt into them, merge into them. The whole body can become secondary to the breasts; the body can fade into the background as you bring the breasts into the foreground. Your inner emphasis is on the breasts, totally relaxing in them, moving in them. Do this for twenty minutes and then simply rest for a few more minutes. True feminine creativity arises when the breasts become active.

Snowy Owl

So good to see you here, Snowy Owl!

The whole process of being able to activate my sexuality (and lubricate my vagina) through focusing on my breasts has been the greatest thing for my lovemaking! Meanwhile, I have finally learned that it's not at all about the clitoris~~which has been a great relief (I never really enjoyed any of the "normal" foreplay things couples do during conventional sex).

But being able to focus on my breasts has made it so much easier for me to feel open and receptive and completely feminine. Our sex is so beautiful and relaxing and wonderful now! I wish all women could relearn how to make love!

(how are you doing?)

Breast Meditaion

Hi Friends!
I searched for breast meditation and landed up here. I signed up to share my experiences regarding breast meditation. Actually, I am looking for some one who tried the breast meditation Technics given by Osho.
I want you to know that I do not have a female body.
Since my early childhood, without knowing any thing about sex and sexuality - i started wearing my mom's blouse which developed into cross dressing. I enjoyed wearing bra and found it extremely exciting.
As the body matured- I continued cross dressing in privet. Years passed by. i found crossdressing free from relationship struggle.
I got married and had two kids. My wife did not support my habit and huge stress followed.
I got into meditation. years passed by again practicing. one day I found this information about breast meditaion in one of osho books. I am fond of breasts and always wanted to have my own.
I tried this and it kicked. I did not know how to go about it. And i continued this and I started getting breast orgasm of my own. ( I was practicing SEX IN ALONENESS)
link- I can not find the right link at the moment :)
Now I have grown my own breast and I love this feeling and all that which happens in a female body.
This is truth. and I am sharing it - for all of - who are looking for some one like me.
So, If you are crossdresser or some one with feminine qualities- you can try this and share your feeling too.


This is not a pick-up site for cross-dressers/transgender folks so I doubt people will be looking for you. On top of that, we have  guys trying to kick their porn habits, and depending upon their porn histories, your invitation could be a trigger.

Moreover, this site is about karezza, not breast meditation.

That said, I'm glad you're happy with your new self and glad breast massage is working out for you.