Sex and the Ardis

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This article is from 2009 and I stumbled across it in some of my readings of late~~I found it so interesting and romantic in a weird way!

I love the suppositions it makes as to why we started walking upright (awwww, so sweet!):

"He pointed out that throughout evolution males have fought with other males for the right to mate with fertile females. Therefore you would expect dominant males with big fierce canines to pass their genes down the generations.

But say a lesser male, with small stubby teeth realised he could entice a fertile female into mating by bringing her some food? Males would be far more successful food-providers if they had their hands free to carry home items like fruit and roots if they walked on two legs. Mr Lovejoy said this could explain why males from Ardi's species had small canines and stood upright - it was all in the pursuit of sex."

And here's the part that makes me wish there was more information as to *why* they came to this conclusion:

"He added that it could also suggest that monogamous relationships may be far older than was first thought."

I love this idea of "original man" much better than the idea of them clubbing women over the heads and dragging them away, lol~~so I'll keep this in my blog so I can come back to it as a reference~~



I had a feeling!

I had a feeling you had written about these cute little guys! I love the Star Wars reference in the article, lol.

Scientists vs. scientists: Gives them all something to do I guess!

Interesting. Isn't it

Interesting. Isn't it possible that the common ancestor was bipedal and the chimp line evolved? If we were simultaneously evolving, it might appear that we went from 4 to 2 legs. Someone must have examined the reverse possibility.