DAY 63 - feeling the balance

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Still no PMO (No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no sex with my wife, no fantasizing)

> Feeling VERY balanced (especially after I've quit caffeine last week. The caffeine withdrawal was short but very tough). Can't really describe it, it's like my mind is a "clear lake" now(sorry for the german translation). Very clear thinking, calm but focused.

> Compared to the last weeks I feel this balance and focus during the entire day (even on Mondays :)). Before I noticed more "ups and downs", more "waves in the lake". Still very productive at work.

> One thing worries me a little bit: I don't want to loose this wonderful balance in my life, but I know that I will have sex again after the 90 days. I fear it could trigger the urges.. I really hope the karezza technique will work, I'm reading a lot about it and will "teach" my wife about it as soon as possible.

> To be honest, at the moment I simply DON'T WANT to think about sex, porn and everything related to it (and it's very easy for me to not think about it). Currently I just can't imagine having an orgasm would be worth it. Instead I just want to keep this wonderful feeling of FREEDOM forever :)



Thanks for sharing that. It's encouraging to read. I'm starting to feel good, but it is only day 38 for me. I'm still feeling the ups and downs but they don't feel quite so extreme any more. I'm curious about what I will be feeling at the 60 and 90 day marks. Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking about how I don't think about girls as much as I did before. Obviously I still think of them, but it's not the only thing on my mind or anything. I'm not married though, so it may be different for me. Have you experienced that? I'm also very curious about whether my libido will feel different than my cravings/urges. Obviously, what we are shooting for here is a healthy libido and the ability to get and sustain an erection. I'm just wondering what a healthy libido feels like in comparison to what I'm used to. Great work! Keep it going!

I think one of the biggest

I think one of the biggest mistake is to think / worry permanently about your libido. Maybe it's a typical fear, even THE BIGGEST fear for man not be able to get it up and to loose all his libido. I tell you: THAT is not the most important thing in your life Wink
I still notice women but in a different way (notice them as beautiful human beings :)).
But what is so much more interesting is this new kind of BALANCE in my life... this is something I've NEVER experienced before! Hope you will feel it too :)

Thanks emerson. Also for your

Thanks emerson. Also for your inspiring post.
I'm very interested in Karezza and hopeful to feel all the benefits described.
As mentioned, at the moment I don't miss anything and could go on like this for other 500.000 days :)
I'll keep you updated!

and talk about balance!

the balance is a great way to describe how I feel about everything right now. Karezza has resulted in my being far more calm and relaxed about everthing, and my wife feels that way too. Much more in balance than ever before. I'ts the neatest thing. External circumstances have much less impact on me than they did before.



although we usually talk about "short fuses" because we're an irritable bunch over here. Wink

How's you're wife feeling about the situation?

She is very patient (like she

She is very patient (like she has always been during the last 8 years).
I'm so thankful she's my wife. She gives me that incredible strength.
But I also feel very guilty for all the pain she had because of my bad mood in the past...

Sounds like she is a

Sounds like she is a forgiving person. Sometimes forgiving ourselves can be pretty tough too. Although, I think forgiveness comes a lot easier to those who are proactive about correcting a problem. Sounds like you have a fantastic wife. Good for you man.

good work! 63 days is an

good work! 63 days is an awesome run! is this your first reboot attempt?

the brain clarity is really nice, altho i've sabotaged myself with lack of sleep so i'm tired because of that :(

stay focused and stay strong!

Yes it's my first attempt.

Yes it's my first attempt. Although the "cycles" weren't that short during the last year since I married my wife (former girlfriend for 8 years). Think I masturbated about once / twice per week the last 4 years (I reduced it when we moved in together. However when I lived alone as a student I masturbated MUCH more frequent, sometimes I binged the whole night).
I remember being so depressed and unhappy, compared to now I can't believe that was me...