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Tomorrow is day 42 and I have no intention of stopping or slowing down.

Woke up to strong morning wood and had some libido for the first time in I don't know how long. Libido was up and down throughout the day but I am definitely taking notice of the girls around me. Still need to make some progress but I'm hoping that this is the beginning of the end of my flatline.

My girlfriend dumped me last week due to my ED and being unable to have sex. I was bummed but got over it pretty quickly. Hit the gym hard today. I'm going to be inundated with schoolwork for the next few weeks so I'm hoping the distractions will let my body and mind get some distraction free rebooting in :)

Will post back in another week


Sorry to hear about your gf

Sorry to hear about your gf dumping you over ED. I've been there - it sucks.

That was a year ago. About half a year ago, I met an amazing girl who helped me overcome ED and I was waaaaay happier than I was with the one who dumped me.

She tried to get me back a few months after, but I had moved on. Life's funny like that Wink

Congrats on the six weeks!


Sorry to hear about the end

Sorry to hear about the end of your relationship :(

Hopefully though you'll find someone even better who's more understanding and you're able to grow through the experience.

Also glad to hear you're getting some action down there, how long has your flatline been?

Thanks all

Feeling better.

@Marnia: Thanks again for talking to me and helping to counsel me through some of my issues. I felt much better after speaking with you. Hoping week 7 brings even better results :)

@Terminus: For the first two weeks I was horny but had no physical reaction. Since then I've been in a pretty deep flatline. I've had maybe three or four days where I have felt SOME libido but other than that things have been pretty dormant. I've seen some strong morning erections the past two days and some semi-full morning erections the past ten days or so.

I don't have much libido today but I'm no longer worried because I know it will come back eventually, it just may take longer than I thought it would. Truth be told I never had interactions with girls before PMO so I think I am just now starting to come into my own in terms of intellectually, physically, and emotionally developing an appreciation for women on a physical and emotional level. I honestly don't know what my natural libido is like but I am starting to understand that it is very different from the way it is portrayed in porn. Things just seem more natural now (with life in general)