Three Weeks Today

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It has been 21 days since my pmo relapse. I am battling some pretty bad depression and anxiety. I saw Michele and ended up staying over at her place last night, which ended horribly. I couldn't get hard and so I awkwardly ended what started out as an intimate and enjoyable make out session.

I'm not turning to porn but I'm pretty bummed that I continue to struggle with this. Overall my reboot has been going fairly well sans last night and the past week. Looking forward to posting my next entry, which will hopefully talk about how things have turned around.


really, really best

not to put pressure on yourself to perform sexually at this point. I know it's tough. But if you determine not to try to have intercourse it's a lot easier. If you can just practice soft entry and hang out that way, that's great too, depending upon how understanding she is. But pressure for an erection is exactly the wrong thing right now.

Hey Emerson

You're right and I'm trying not to. For the most part, this reboot has been going along with little pressure to perform.

The girl I'm with has been patient but she doesn't understand what I'm doing. I'm trying not to put any pressure on myself. I have the next two weekends away from so I am hoping to get myself some time to keep rebooting and staying strong. Thanks for your advice.