You must go to strip clubs to meet the ladies WHO KNEW

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(3rd Day 15) I'm stylin', this non-PMOF period is currently pretty easy.

I was just informed that my boy has a few women who want to meet me, so I'm going out to meet up. IRONICALLY, the plan is a stripclub crawl. WHAT. I've never been a fan of stripclubs, and I'm obviously not trying to see fake titillation now.

I'll be alright though; at least it's real women, and I'll be macking on real women with me. Maintain focus on the plan. Rebooting is AWESOME, no PMOF is AWESOME, healing is THE BOMB.



Well...the girl to meet was rubbish

(i.e. obnoxious, angry, complaining, manly).
I can't lie: over the course of 3 stripclubs, I saw a lot of HOT naked women. They didn't arouse me physically much; it is just WEIRD to be hanging with friends while looking at naked women 8 feet away, haha!

Sure, a few images burned into my brain. Overall though, I'm stylin' still, 5 days later.