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Any links on the site to articles discussing porn without masturbation? Im looking for one that specifically talks about effects of just porn, without masturbation.



Since we believe the real issue is "dopamine dysregulation," it would be unproductive to try to separate porn and masturbation completely. The problem is "overstimulation," however one achieves it (whether through porn, extreme/anxiety-producing material, too much physical stimulation via masturbation, etc.).

That said, we think masturbation addiction would be extreme rare if it weren't for Internet porn. After all, young men never used to develop porn-induced ED from masturbating to the occasional porn magazine. But maybe someone with a vivid imagination, who was under a lot of stress, could have developed an addiction to masturbation.

In short, lots of factors are potentially involved in dopamine dysregulation.

I think this article might be useful: Porn Then and Now: Welcome to Brain Training

But Gary's video is an even better explanation: