My temptation scale theory.

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Remember the terror level alert system? Ive come up with a similar model for PMO temptations during a reboot.

Level 1: Boredom, I would classify this as a low level temptation because there is no triggers or cues that prompt you, except maybe environment. To experienced rebooters this will not be to hard to bypass. Of course some of us are easily brought down by this if we are not ready to fight it.

Level 2: 2D and 3D triggers and cues, You may have locked down your computer and feel secure but it is pretty much impossible to avoid triggers and cues. The funny thing is that the more you avoid actual P the triggers and cues trickle down to softer images, etc. This is much harder than level 1 because you have a cue that youve seen and is in your mind. (These can also arise in the form of flashbacks but an experienced abstainer can slay a thought quicker than an actual image)The key to this is not dwelling on the cue. You can appreciate it for what it is at the moment but the more you get your mind to awaken to whats going on presently the easier it is to forget the cue. One thing I try to do is focus on my breaths until all sexual energy is gone and I can then focus on present.

Level 3: Withdrawal, This is the toughest. Once youve completely gone into reboot mode and have abstained from anything sexual your mind will throw everything at you to try to get its pleasure met. This is when doing other things comes into play more. Things like exercise, reading, hobbies, etc. When you get to a certain point you may even be able to turn it to transmutation. This is tricky though because the other option you turn to has to be something you truly truly can enjoy and it also has to be something you can get better at. It cant just be anything (like if you build something or learn something but you truly have to be in tune with it, you cant just pick something out of a hat) Withdrawal is like a boa constrictor of temptations. It wraps itself around you getting tighter and tighter until you give in to the desire than it lets you go. But it usually stays close by to wrap you up again. The only analogy i can come up with to be the antidote to this is to just let it get tired and let you go by both your fight against it and its tiredness?

Honorable mention: Chaser, The chaser can get the strongest of us and usually once youve gone through a few relapses because of it, then you figure it out. But like all the others it can bring you down as easy as a reboot noob.


Awesome man!

I'm book marking this. This is so true though. I'm an experienced re-booter and the level one stuff is easy. Level two isn't bad, but don't go looking for anything. Level 3 is fucking hard. One thing I'd like to mention is that the chaser effect (which I experienced recently) can cause you to want to look at 2/3d images, which in turn can cause relapse (thank god I didn't cross that bridge!). Anyway, this is useful.