Sometimes I just wish i was Asexual.

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Call me crazy but I think that would make life a lot easier. I think if you take out materialism, consumerism, and sex out of life wouldnt you free yourself to enjoy everything else thats really important???


Are you blocking the

Are you blocking the enjoyment of the distractions? Maybe these distractions are not necessarily desires. Rather, the distractions become desires due to resistance earlier in the observation. I'm trying to embrace whatever nonsense my brain wants to run with. It's been interesting so far. Sometimes things just evaporate.

Thats true

Its funny how society has gradually made desires increase and increase and our desires will just continue to get higher with technology and the more corporate we go. Maybe its better just to go against the grain with everything society tells you to do. "You need a huge house and fancy cars, etc, etc..."

Sometimes living simple is

Sometimes living simple is better. I'm studying abroad right now and living w/o my xbox and smart phone. In many ways I really enjoy not having them around. My phone more so, still miss my xbox haha. I've often thought about how it would be easier to just be a machine and not think. I'm a thinker and always will be. I often get lost in thought about such things. All this thinking usually continues without a conclusion, so more or less, I just try to live and do things the way I like. I only live once that I know of for sure, so lets do what we think is right.