Day 36 - shaky knees

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haven't blogged in awhile, been meaning to and end up commenting and reading on here rather than posting. :P

at 18 days no O, 36 days no PMO about 15 w/o serious P viewing. this'll be 87 days with only one PMO. i guess that's pretty good progress in context.

The P peeks are bad, the cravings are bad and I don't know where my persistence has gone. argh!

Have a bit of a nervous twitch when the P urges come. I sorta feel in a flatline though. Most of the day there's no action down there, and it feels almost shrunken and dense feeling. but then maybe i'm not because Libido feels high. I haven't jumped my wife yet though I really want to and at the same time my mind seems clouded with insecurity. Beginning to think stress is pressing on me hence the spike in P urges.

Well, there's a benefit to 'talking things out' here. I do have a bunch of responsibility that's been piled on me lately and it's currently out of my comfort zone. It's probably the cause of my disturbed sleep lately and hence sleepiness during the day.

come on! gotta get through this. have better things to do than think about P all day!

I gotta drag my butt to the gym. Tonight is going to be the night...



is a big deal! You'll feel SO much better after you hit the gym, seriously. I've found that exercise can literally change my mood from crappy to happy in a matter of 45 minutes.