Day 12 - Gratitude

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I slipped towards the beginning of the month and spent a few days binging, but now I'm back on track. This time around, I'm doing better than ever. No PMO whatsoever, and non-nude sexual images (though stimulating) don't have the same pull as before, for which I'm grateful.

I really appreciate the energy I currently have. For nearly these past 2 weeks I didn't feel much of a pull, but today I felt an urge to M as I had a major hard-on. But instead of that, I began being grateful for this desire to have sex. I then began shifting my gratitude towards being able to deeply appreciate female beauty, especially the physical shape of sexy women.

I kept dwelling on what I love about women (i.e. their physical beauty, especially all the parts that guys like to look at, their voices, they way they dress, they way they can turn me on, the way they giggle/laugh, the way they love to mix and match clothes, etc). So instead of suppressing the sexual desire, I began deeply appreciating it and then eventually transitioned towards other aspect so feminine beauty. And this allowed me to find some satisfaction instead of giving into PMO since I was constantly focusing on gratitude the entire time.

The desire for orgasm is still there, but gratitude really helps me, at least for now.


Yes I agree

The sexual fantasy is very powerful, but I just kept focusing on gratitude more than the fantasy, and then gradually shifted towards being grateful for other things in my life :)