We did it!!!!! 90 days of freedom

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Well, today is day 90 of being pornography free. 73 of those days were masturbation and orgasm free. I did it! Previously, I went approximately 64 days PMO free, but I feel more healed now than I did at the end of that reboot. It is certainly a cumulative process with a lot of ups and downs.

These have been the most productive 90 days of my life, and I don't think I will ever go back to my old ways. Pornography has no power over me anymore. Days go by without me ever thinking about it. Even when I masturbate, the thought of porn doesn't enter the equation, and I think that separating those two things is a very important step in the process. You have to realize that porn is not sex, and porn is not masturbation -- it is a completely different animal with repercussions that extend far beyond simple pleasure.

Once in a while I still get flashbacks, but they are easy to kick to the curb and they don't stir up any desire to actually view porn. I have a feeling those will linger for a long time. Years of damage doesn't just go away with the snap of your fingers. I wish I could have all the time back that I wasted on PMO, but I can't -- all that I can do is move forward with purpose, poise, and resolve. I will not fall back down.

Things that helped me through this process (in no particular order):

-spending time with friends and family

-artistic pursuits



-Reuniting.info and YBOP.com/Marnia & Gary/all the folks who have posted their personal journeys

There is much more to live for than a two dimensional world of hedonistic exploitation and excessive sex, superficiality and narcissism. GET OUT as fast as you can, and start living for REAL!


Yeah, I started masturbation

Yeah, I started masturbation only after a good 60-70 days of total abstention. Earlier on, it seems much too likely to cause a relapse and kick in old cravings. I think the longer you can withhold M'ing or O'ing, the better.

Awesome job Richaroo

You sound very well balanced and it's great to read about your success. Keep your head in the game and soon those lingering flashbacks will be completely dissolved, I'm sure.

Hot damn! I'm jealous just

Hot damn! I'm jealous just hearing about your commitment!

On day 40, had a couple porn slips but no orgasm so hopefully not TOO many neuro"things" were created. I'm feeling great and I'm not half way there! You must be so proud of yourself, seriously, you're the man!

Thanks everyone for the nice words and support

ProPenguin, I think it's a big sign of progress when you begin to slip up with a little porn or masturbation but are able to stop from having an orgasm. Stay on your path and you'll get where you want to be!

Marnia, awesome! I hope some of my experiences and words are helpful. No women in my life at the moment. Went on some dates recently but nothing materialized. For the first time in a long while, I feel confident that if romance entered my life, it wouldn't be negatively affected by PMO addiction, but the tricky part is finding the right gal. Who knows, maybe she's around the corner?