Still on the other side of the story, The Borg

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Traveler returned yesterday to help w/computer glitches as well as practice together. For five plus hours I was in unanticipatable bliss (the only way i can describe it!). Initially I was hurting (from being to rigid) and thought that unusual. So I began to concentrate on traveler and I eased up a bit. I find that I can actually forget about myself and feel just as good (in most ways) when I am concentrating on traveler....almost an out of body envelopment full of love at times, to gazing into her eyes (not unusual for us).

There seems to be a lot of pressure associated with the goal of an orgasm in regular sex. If the goal is to love, be with, and please your partner (and your partner understands this) the performance pressure is gone with the pleasure being the focus. This seems to be a key for me. There is more pleasure and sensitivity in a lot of ways.

Positioning seems to make differences. I stay focused on travelers goal (no O'S). I notice that the harder I am, the less sensitive I am. One position will put me it the O mode for sure and I really have yet to battle successfully.

I notice that I have little aches and pains in the morning after an O along with some lethargy and more required wake-up time. Most likely associate with post-O's but not sure because I work physically hard most every day and wake up w/o these aches.

The reference to "The Borg" is in response to traveler's blog title "Resistance is Futile". In this case my resistance was futile to the Borg (that is the limbic system) as I am at Day One again. I believe I would have been successful had I not challenged myself with that one position we took during love-making but it has never felt that way before.