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Day 124 rebooted. but still improving.

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So, it's been a little while since I've posted here.

I feel like my time blogging is slowly coming to an end. I feel mentally acute and rebooted. Every thing feels in order in terms of attraction to girls. I feel like I've got my mojo back. I pick up on many subtle clues of interest from women. Body language is the number one thing I've been seeing out of them lately. I feel so confident and manly. I feel like I can make any girl I want fall for me now.
But before I go into that let me update you here.

day 103 just some thoughts.

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Just droppin by to empty out the excess thoughts in my head.

2 days away from 15 weeks, man that's along time. This reboot has been a long road. Mentally I feel better day by day. Libido has shown significant improvements though ever fluctuating. It overall feels like I've been on the uphill for the majority of the past 3 weeks.

Day 76 first milestone

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No more than 5 minutes ago i had my first spontaneous erection. Fully aware, fully awake. Granted, it was at about 75-80%, but damn it was good to see it come and go in that 5 mins. Wasn't really thinking about sex either. Just reading posts on this site. Don't think I am quite flatlining, but not necessarly buzzing with libido ya know?