day 108- damn it

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Well, last night I caved.

Things have been going great, but last night, I got extremely horny texting a couple girls that i may be seeing in the future. While going to bed, I tossed and turned, couldn't get to sleep. I started thinking about the sex I just badly want and I lightly touched myself and got kinda hard. I caved. Took maybe 2-5 mins of light strokes to finish the deed. Do I feel guilty? yea, I do. I feel like i'm close to turning a corner. But I feel like my mind is further along in the reboot then my penis. This reboot is taking forever and I feel like these orgasms from me and my partner are holding me back. I don't know how close I am, but I really feel like it's going to take another solid month of no orgasms to maybe turn another corner now. Chances are, even at that point, I'll still have many more days of frustration and patience ahead.

This is a fucking challenge man. I wish I could be assured this ED and PE will subside. I feel like I have a long way to go now..



If you feel like your mind is

If you feel like your mind is further along than your body, then you probably are getting close. I know exactly what you mean. You turn corners with your mind, then your body just suddenly catches up. If you have PE/ED problems, you don't really have a choice about whether to continue with the reboot. Take the shortest path and don't prolong the pain. Stop those intentional O's!!! And you prob want to stop the steamy texting- I had to put my junk in a bowl of ice water when I did that last week. That shit will rev up fantasy which is not good either.

I'm healthy and good to go at Day 122. You're so close to the light! Dig in and be perfect for a month and see where you're at.

Good luck.

I'll take your word for it

I'll take your word for it since we have a similar reboot. I've been a bit less diligent lately. Still feel like my mind is close to rebooted. It's just my dick that can't keep up.

So you mean you are cured of ED and rebooted? That's great man. Good to hear. I got a month or two maybe I'm assuming now. aha

I still feel great, no cravings for porn just for an O with a girl and when one isn't present in the time of my boiling point, I've O'd to sensation. So in total 3 by my hand 2 by a partner. Not a perfect score and probably a big reason I haven't fully rebooted. Probably a bit of dirty texting that I find strangely hard to avoid as well. Whatever I have to do at this point. I have multiple prospects for physical and possibly emotional interactions with now and I just want to freely be able to explore them without having this problem.


Yeah, I'm good to go. Haven't

Yeah, I'm good to go. Haven't tested it but I feel like I've got testosterone raging through my body all the time. I'm super horny and everything feels good downstairs. I never had as much of a problem with ED as I did delayed ejaculation and poor recovery time. Hopefully both those things are in the past. I've got an understanding girl visiting this weekend so I guess we'll find out haha. I can feel that it might take some time to re-wire but I'm looking forward to that. I've even had wet dreams lately that have pretty much no effect on my mood/libido. They're more just like "yeah you needed to orgasm there". Looking forward to the real thing. I've had a lot tougher time avoiding fantasy and dirty texting as well.