Day 124 rebooted. but still improving.

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So, it's been a little while since I've posted here.

I feel like my time blogging is slowly coming to an end. I feel mentally acute and rebooted. Every thing feels in order in terms of attraction to girls. I feel like I've got my mojo back. I pick up on many subtle clues of interest from women. Body language is the number one thing I've been seeing out of them lately. I feel so confident and manly. I feel like I can make any girl I want fall for me now.
But before I go into that let me update you here.

The girl I've been getting intimate with the past few months now I've had to cut it off with.
I found out she is seeing her ex of 3 years pretty recently and that was the reason she had been flaking. I was highly suspicious of her actions for weeks and knew something was up. I won't beat a dead horse with that one though. I really couldn't care less to be honest. When I say there is plenty of fish in the sea, woo nelly do I mean it. The other girl who confessed her love for me a few weeks back is on the back burner as well. We had said that one day something may happen between us, but until then we aren't forcing anything. I am fine with this as well. Moving into ED and PE issues, I haven't had opportunity to see what's going on down there since my last slip up with M at the beginning of the month. But as I'm pretty sure willie isn't quite fully awakened yet, I feel like I'm close. I don't get spontaneous erections really, just more of a reaction downstairs so to speak. I get morning wood, not everyday, but I feel at least a normal amount. So I know all is not lost down there and these 18 weeks are showing something physically. PE I feel is going to be a bit of a problem for awhile until I get in the swing of having regular sex. Not worried about it anymore. Shit, obssesed is the word I should use. My urges to just M or PMO are absolutely gone. I just want to be in the company of a pretty lady and even just to flirt and talk is fine. I like the game and I like playing the field and getting intimate physically and surprisingly emotionally with girls. I have stopped counting days and weeks and find myself having to research my last posts to figure that out if i wanted to know. I am cured I believe. My dick just has to catch up.

I went to a party in my old hometown to visit a girl named jess I've known since elementary school and i was introduced to her friend. We hit it off and I could tell she was really getting off to my aura or the way I held myself. She smiled constantly at me, faced me full frontal whenever she spoke to me, she frequently demonstrated kino on me, all these things were erased during my PMO days. I had no idea why I all of a sudden had a dry spell with girls for 2 years. The only reason I didn't make a move on her was because I didn't know if I wanted to go after her, or Jess! aha Well I know now. Maybe one thing will lead to another and I will rediscover my "manhood" and willie will be ready to rise to the occassion. Whether or not, I truly don't mind anymore. I have so much confidence in myself I don't need it for now. Just enjoying giving and getting attention to and from the ladies is enough for me. I know my body will catch up with my mind.

Marnia, I want to send a special thank you to you for your motherly advice and concern for me and the others on this site. Must make a full time job out of it. This site has turned my life around and is still giving me the motivation to propel it in that direction.

The Phoenix has risen, sooner than never willie shall too.


there he is!

Told you your body would catch up to your brain eventually. Congrats on the results. I feel like I'm about where you are- had successful sex last weekend, in fact. I do, however, think there's more to do. Specifically:

At least for me, I think this is the key to full, total recovery. 30 min/day for about 4 weeks and I think I'll be full speed. I really encourage you to give it a try too. I think it'll wake things up once and for all.

Cheers, man.

appreciate the words

appreciate the words gentlemen. ED and PE are still issues I'm sure, but I know in my head everything is fine. Just a bit more time is all I need and I have plenty of that.