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Day 69 getting closer to the light?.. or is it a mirage?

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So today marks day 69 no P, day 67 no MO.

Over the past couple days I've had morning wood, albeit weak ones, but still there. I generally am beginning to feel what many on here describe as libido. It's almost seemed like a legend, or mythical power or something up to this point. Hidden within me somewhere. Well, like an archaeologist, the last couple days I've been excavating this treasure. I can't say I've uncovered it, or even identified it. I have just begun to theorize what this mysterious feeling is. Libido.

Day 64 can't keep up with this.

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This flatline thing is really fucking with me. I will feel like my libido is coming back and in almost minutes it can dip back down to flatline. I notice that I find little "sparks" so to speak in my libido. I made eye contact a day or two ago with a girl driving by and we both smiled at eachother and I felt that rush in my chest. No erection, let alone movement downstairs. But it was one of the first times I could "feel" my libido.

Today marks week 8

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So day 56, week 8 is here.

56 days no P, 54 days no MO. To cover what I'm feeling, I'd say still a flatline. Very little life downstairs. Had morning wood the past few nights which is encouraging, but this morning I did not, which I attribute to alcohol consumption. Still not worried. I am more than halfway through my newly set goal of 100 days, so I got plenty of time to see what happens. I accept my slow reboot and embrace it.

Day 54 cracking down on fantasy

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So I'm back after posting my first article on here. If you want a better background just find my article titled "day 53 interesting progress". If not, a quick background: age 20, long term unknowing addict, gf prospect of 2 months, no sex with her yet, but she knows and accepts my issue, 54 days no P, 52 days no MO. Little signs of healing. Fantasy slowing reboot. Entire reboot has been flatline.