9 days with an asterisk

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I'm currently porn and masturbation free for 9 days* (the longest in a while). I put an asterisk next to it because I did look at pictures of somewhat scantily clad women one day for a minute or two. I also haven't abstained from orgasm because my wife and I had sex. It's a little tough because I want her to know how attracted I am to her, but at the moment, I still need to rely on fantasy to get hard. In any case, 9 days with an asterisk feels like progress.


if you get hard with your wife

and experiance pleasure... i'd imagine that those sights, sounds, sensations, scents - everything would embed into your brain. for me funny as it sounds - it can be as simple as, this small easy task: (not saying it's always easy - just that it can potentially be easier that expected)

What works for me .. (not perfectly but well enough that i feel very good about it)...

* Rather than close my eyes and imagine some other guys penis with some other woman ( bythe way - THAT woman no longer exists - because like a distant star - the image is from the past!). but as i was saying - rather than close your eyes and imagining. let your curiousity and interest take lascivious snapshots of the skin touching yours. I like to be as raunchy in my mind as i want. there is that classic fuck a whore but not our wives mentality that's got to go. i'd like things to be turned around so that a certain kind of raunchy objectivity is considered more 'appreciative' and therefor the opposite of degrading.. more like honoring. but i'd describe it more as just a healthy getting into her, the one before us