New Year's Resolution failure

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Printer-friendly version was my New Year's Resolution to quit porn and masturbation. I wasn't able to make it more than a week before returning to my old habits. Not liking myself much right now. I'm about to try to start again and abstain, but I'm not hopeful about it.


Why not get on a forum

where you can see lots of posts relevant to your challenge? Your experience is normal.

Read this guy's story and then go on NoFap or PornFree.

"Research. Read all the articles from Your Brain On Porn. Read rebooting accounts here. Read success stories. Read studies. Then, when you're tempted, you know EXACTLY why you're rebooting, know EXACTLY what will happen if you CHOOSE to relapse, and have complete confidence in the process. Any doubt, any uncertainty leads to failure. This process works! The first couple weeks are the hardest, but once you break through and start seeing results, it gets much easier."



You can do it. Nothing wrong with restarts.

Thank you

The first link you sent me helped, and I will definitely take a look at the others. I really appreciate your support, Marnia.

Don't be down

On yourself. The road to recovery is an up/ down struggle, and you WILL fail before you succeed. Give yourself room to breathe and learn and make mistakes. Cut yourself some slack. I have a back injury and my doctor told me something that applies to everything in life: " it took a long time for you to get this way, and it will take just as
long or longer for you to change yourself and heal." Nothing good happens overnight, it takes work. I hope you continue to try. It is worth it.