Orgasms suck

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O.K., they haven't gotten less fun in the moment, but the more experience I have with Karezza-style sex, the more I dislike the post-O hangover. Specifically, I no longer regard my O-free self as having super-powers. Instead, I view my post-O self as having an illness with flu-like symptoms; I suppose you could call it POIS. But whatever it is, I feel tired; like I have to drag myself through life just to get through the day and it's a struggle to pierce the brain fog. Not even exercise and coffee can fix it.

It's as if I'm running happily along on a clear, sunny day, everything is great until I stumble over a hurdle, fall on my face, and have to limp around the track for a few laps before I can resume my happy running. The times when I find myself stumbling into the O-zone are less frequent now as I learn to recognize and truly accept the heavy cost of those few seconds of squirting.

I just can't understand how an observation this significant can be so little known and/or controversial. It's hard for me to imagine what my life would have been like if I had discovered this 30 years ago...