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My wife and I had an extra-nice session last night. It lasted around 2.5 hours and really connected; an other-worldly expression of our loving feelings for one another manifest in our physical bodies - it's quite something. Lately it seems like each session is even better than the one before although I'm not sure how that's possible. These days we fully enjoy sex, surrenduring completely to it rather than being worried about an unintentional release which rarely happens anymore. For the first year or two, we struggled to recondition our sexual response away from expecting an orgasmic conclusion but now, years later, this is just how we do it - no struggle required.

Marnia, last night, my wife mentioned to me how grateful she is to you for the work you have done in this area and how much it's improved our sex life and relationship in general. Although she doesn't interact directly with the community on this forum, she's glad that I keep in touch as she values the results we're getting by learning about and practicing Karezza.



Thanks for posting

I'm very happy to hear you two are still enjoying your karezza adventure.

This alternative emphasis during sex seems like such vital information, and yet in today's environment there doesn't seem to be much point in trumpeting it. Sorry 2 Everyone "knows better," even though the standard results seem pretty discouraging.

I guess our brains are just vulnerable when it comes to anticipation of certain kinds of rewards, and it's very challenging to experiment with anything else when those rewards are beckoning. Glad you two were brave enough to trundle down the road less traveled.

Give your wife a warm "hello" from me.


She is sick with a cold and I will not ask anything of her until she is better BUT she listened to the idea and said she was open to exploring a joint meditation. I'll let y'all know...