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So I've been at this no PMO thing for a long time. Here is my update:

About a month ago I took one Levitra, and had wonderful sex with my wife. I didn't take any more Levitra after that.
My wife joined me for 7 nights in a row and I was able to have sex every single night. I was happy and really thought I was "cured".

On night 8, she came, and I was just wasn't into it.

It's been a month, and I've been down in the dumps ever since. I keep second-guessing myself as to whether those 7 nights were really natural or not.

ups and downs (literally)

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Just a quick summary of where I'm at.
I stayed away from masturbation for about a month.
I took one of those pills - Levitra.
Had wonderful intercouse with my wife (day 1)
Had wonderful intercourse with my wife without any pills (day 2, 3, and 4)
A week later, I had intercourse again (thought I noticed I was weaker)
Another couple of weeks went by and I was stressed out, and masturbated a couple of times.

day 3

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I had forgotten how hard it is to get this no PMO thing going. I'm on day 3 now, and as committed as I can possibly be for a year of no PMO.

day 0 - you know you got a problem when...

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Well in the past I documented success with no PMO for 90 days. I give advice here a lot. Unfortuately, I haven't been taking my own advice. I got stressed, and started moderately drinking more days than not, and then I got into the M habit again. I even started watching P, which never was a problem for me.

undeniable success

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Just a quick update from me.
I've had pretty good luck lately. One I took one of those pills, and then the opportunity didn't present itself until 6 hours later. Well I performed well, and performed well every subsequent night for 4 days with no more pills. Still, I wonder, was it the pill? was it because it was the middle of the night? Was it a real erection or just a nocturnal one ect...

So after that I took another pill. That time, the opportunity presented itself within 10 minutes. I performed well, and of course wonder, was it just the pill.

first wet dream

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Well I awoke this morning to my first wet dream ever. I'm in my mid-30's so this came as a surprise. After I had successful intercourse 4 days in a row, I masturbated twice. I find this development strange and surprising.

masturbation addiction

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Just a quick thought on masturbation addiction. For 20 years I've felt deep down I had some sort of problem. Until I found this site, I thought giving M up for 7 days was "extreme" enough to cure any potential problem associated with it. I would have never dreamed of abstaining for 90 days, and certainly didn't believe for a second it was possible to abstain that long. I credit this site for proposing the idea, and I'm surprised that I really haven't seen the idea anywhere else.

Cured - Libido report

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Since this was something on my mind during recovery, and a lot of people have concern about it let me report the following about libido:

I actually felt zero life down there on the night before I had intercourse first. It wasn't until I started cuddling with my wife, that life emerged. So if you feel like there is no libido or life down there, it really can spring up out of nowhere. I experienced this years ago as well. After having successes, I'm starting to "feel" my libido a little bit.