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So, the other day I gave in to my pitiful primal urges and MOed to sensation only after a 28 day no PM streak. Before that I went 29 days no PMO until I caved and PMOed. Before that it was 34 days no P, 29 days no MO.

Today, the chaser has got me in its grips. It's the old school cravings too, the kind that I can feel in my teeth. This has been a heck of a learning experience. Scheduled masturbation is a big nono for me. Apparently, my addict brain found another angle to attack my resolve to kick the porn habit. Little does it know that I'm not going to give it any porn at all and it can just sit down and shut up and hang the heck on for the ride.


Hey Singer,

Yep, I also thought I could go into a sensation-only masturbation schedule after my reboot, but it was too dangerous and I ended up relapsing because of it. I think that the thing to do, instead of masturbating, is to go out and try to find a woman to spend time with/be physical with, even if there is no sex. I'm starting to believe that that is the only way to complete a reboot.

I love this..

"it can just sit down and shut up and hang the heck on for the ride." Haha! I have to have this talk with my brain too.

Stay strong, ss. You can do this!

I feel for you guys

Any kissable goddesses in the neighborhood? That's another way to ease the tension...although you might think it would make it worse. Friendly contact (dancing, working on a project together, whatever) can be surprisingly satisfying.