confused with a partner once over addiction

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i know that porn should be avoided permanently but im wondering for those that have rebalanced say 5 months without p/m/o completely how was it to return to orgasm with a partner? how does orgasm with a partner effect people no longer in porn addiction? should orgasm be avoided even with a partner?

does it lead to escalation? do you notice withdrawal symptoms? increased isolation? return you right back to your addiction? how often do you do it? personal experiences and what you learned would be helpful.


i think it depends

Personally, I am pursuing Karezza and have very frequent intercourse and very rarely ejaculate, and do not masturbate anymore either. I never thought I'd ever be able to say that, but there it is.

However, it seems that it is very common to relapse if you haven't found "replacement behaviors" filling the role of porn in your life. The best replacement behaviors are figuring out what you will do INSTEAD, in those times/situations when you have typically PMOd. Very frequent, daily cuddling and bonding with your lover is the best antidote to wanting to PMO. And beyond that, and better yet in my experience, infrequent orgasms and very frequent intercourse.