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Karezza Mistakes

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The last time I tried Karezza with my wife was last summer over the period if a few weeks. About 16 days in on one stretch, I unintentionally went over "the point of no return". I was basically still when this started to happen. What should I do at this point? Stay still? Withdraw? Thrust? We never quite got back on the horse after that. We may try again soon. I am on Day 15, no O. I don't want it to happen again, but it may.

It's been a long time---want long term "orgasm diet".

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It has been a long time since I posted. My spouse and I practice periodic orgasm "diets" but I haven't done anything close to the 50 days I did three years ago. I don't have pornography addiction. I can over use masturbation, but don't have a chronic problem with that either.

We have practiced orgasm-less intercourse a few times and that has been satisfying.

Getting the Spark Back

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Today marks about 8 for me without m/o. That is the longest stretch since last spring when my wife was expecting (see old posts). The fun and challenging part this time is that my wife's libido is recovering, so we are having more chemistry. I was also overcoming work related burnout last year. This is quite a post-holiday rebound, when we were stretched out and inattentive.

Hangover v withdrawal

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I don't know if I buy the idea of a "hangover" following most orgasms especially one that lasts two weeks. If this were the case, then 99% of men would be in a perpetual state of being hungover. I relate more to the idea of having "withdrawls" when attempting to abstain from orgasms for several or more days following orgasm frequency. Many men seem to right about being hypersexual 4-5 days after an orgasm and the settling down.

♥Positive Rewards

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I will admit that I go through periodic episodes of abstaining from the mighty O. A few times a year, I will go on a pretty good streak. I will end up in a better mood, more energetic, more focused, and have more fun in my marriage. I do not because I think orgasms are bad. I don't at all feel like I am trying to overcome any addiction. At most, I feel more disciplined. Eventually, other aspects of my life need attention and I move on to other things.

Meandering, in the right direction

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We have been juggling work, life, children, and a lot of other things for a long time. I feel best when I am close to my, feel physically fit, and focused. Last spring, I went over 50 days without an orgasm, which was a way of coming off a tremendous amount of stress and burnout and lead into a new baby. Since then, we have continued to juggle things, and slowly I feel like we are starting meander back into the right direction. We'll see.


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I am a HORRIBLE morning person, and I often have insomnia and other sleep issues at night. My wife has more of a tendency to fall asleep earlier, which can leave me awake with too much time on my hands. From about 8:00 p.m. to sometimes as late as 3:00 a.m., I can feel too tired to do anything productive, but too wired to go to sleep. This is particularly hard raising small children. This can cause imbalance in all aspects of my life. Sometimes, I go through serial stints where I can feel quite balanced, but then I can fall off the wagon quite easily. I wish I weren't a night owl.

How do you get back on track?

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I went about 50+ days without an O earlier in the year. At first my sex drive was very intense, and then it mellowed toward the end. After my first O, I was able to go over a week without an O a few times, but my sex drive seemed to stay a little low. Since that time, I have not gone more than a few days without an O, which often relieves stress. I'd like to be able to get back on track, avoid O's, and have a better sex drive. Any tips?


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From about the start of February to the start of April, my habits were as good as they have been in years, culminating in running a 10k a few weeks ago. At the end of March, our little (and third and last) bundle of joy arrived, and everyone is doing great. But most of my habits have dropped under the stress and fatigue. I have been extremely tired over the last several days, and sometimes indulge to try to "perk" myself up---whether it is bad MB or eating or other habits. Even before I fell off the wagon, I could feel a drop in my sex drive.