Found A Penguin/also, weird "paranormal" experiences via my sensitivity level.

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Back in April, I found someone. I just wanted everyone to know. I don't want to hype it up or hex it but I just want everyone to know I'm elated and super in love. He is younger than me, which is unusul. I have never been with someone younger than me. He is a beautiful soul though. We were friends for a while, and began hanging out more and more often. I had a secret crush on him that I kept to myself for quite a while. He stayed over for a week and slept on a futon in my room (I took the bed,) and we basically had a week long slumber party. Then he left to go work. The first night he was gone, I had a wet dream about him. (I was 44 days deep with no O at that point). This is where it get's weird...So in this dream he lay's next to me and wrapped his arms around me-, and the first place he sets his hand is on my stomach. We kissed eventually (in the dream) and I remember how soft his face was and how his lips felt on mine. I remember feeling nervous and kind of self conscious (in the dream I was in no way prepared for intimate encounters, hadn't showered, etc...) I woke up from this dream feeling very intensely and wrote the whole thing down."Oh god. What am I going to do with all of these feelings I am having toward him? What if it's not mutual? I suppose I would be ok just being his friend if it meant I could still enjoy his company.." etc...Nothing physical had happened between us at all in the real world yet at this point. Almost a week went by. When he was finished working he messaged me saying he " missed me and wanted to hang out." I got butterflies and did my very best not to read too much into that. He came over. We hung out. Once it became pretty late in the eve, I layed out the futon and blanket he had been sleeping on when he stayed before, and he plopped himself down on it, and I shut off the lights and plopped myself down on my bed. We lie there, staring at the ceiling where 3 glow in the dark stars stared back at us both. Silence. Giggling. Silence. Giggling. Then, confessions of mutual feelings came bursting forth out of both of us. Then more silence and giggling. And silence. Long silence. Then he say's, "Do you wanna just snuggle now and get it over with?" HA! "Oh HELL YES!!!" So he climbs into the bed, wraps his arms around me (PURE BLISS) and places his hand on my stomach.

What kind of freaky sex magic is this? I have been doing this since about 2007 now, and my experiences with it's various effects on my life continue to amaze and bewilder me. Everything that happened in my dream between us happened in reality day's later almost as if we were connected in the ether realm or my body/mind/energy could sense on some molecular level everything that was about to transpire between me and this person. Sexual sensitivity leads to some kind of divine 6th sense and magic powers. <--NO JOKE PEOPLE. Not in just increasing perception and awareness, but even in the ability to manifest ones desires. I am a firm believer in this, and that is one of the main reasons that I have stayed on track with this practice over the years. Because on some weird level, I feel like when I am brought to orgasm, I am relinquishing some freaky magic powers (or at least lessening them considerably until they build back up within me and rebalance.) Anyone else share this superstition?



fascinating story

I have an incidental question, Sniff.

What is a wet dream for a female? Was it an orgasm in your dream, or ...?

And secondly, I do feel that I am much more prosperous in a way since starting this non-orgasmic experience. I feel more powerful. I've gone through some sort of difficult times bin business but so far they've gone remarkably well and I feel it's because I'm not having orgasms.


Wet dream

Yes. It resulted in orgasm. That's what I mean by "wet dream." Oddly enough, at the time of orgasm in the dream, there wasn't even penetration. He just lightly kissed me between the legs (pants on even!) and that was enough to send me over the edge. Needless to say, the days following were still infused with magic in spite of my energetic loss via the dream.