He left.

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Woke up in a funk or something. He's been acting pretty weird, like there's something going on in his world that he isn't letting on about. I feel like I'm missing some key information.I felt like my presence was bothering him (I was feeling pretty insecure and vulnerable) and asked him if I was in fact bothering him, but this only made him angry. He got pretty pissed off at me for feeling insecure. I told him he was being pretty mean in how he was talking to me. I went for a run to clear my head. He took off without a word or a note or anything while I was jogging. I came back and he was gone. Haven't seen him all day. This hurts. I'm feeling pretty fragile at this point. I know I'm sensitive due to pms as well, but this is pretty rough.



*big hug*

I can't tell you how many such lessons I had before I learned how to share this approach effectively. I think you did great to get this far.

Even if he left...he may be back. Just give him space. His perception is off...and yours prolly is too, a bit. The worst will pass.

*fingers crossed*


He came back. He almost broke up with me. Fortunately he didn't and instead we talked and hugged it out. I'm still a little shaken by the scare, but am managing to get over it.


Now...take it easy. Thinks are going to be "off" for a couple of weeks. Don't try to analyze anything for now. All touch, little talking. That's your motto. Secret