Oxytocin as a weight loss supplement

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It has long been known that oxytocin can reduce cravings.

But the recent research is a bit unnerving because longterm forced oxytocin administration has a bad track record (nasty side effects)...and it's never mentioned. http://www.reuniting.info/science/oxytocin_revisited

Bottom line: Best to get your oxytocin the way nature/evolution intended: via the snuggle and friendly interaction of all kinds. Wink

A pet

has been shown to offer oxytocin increases. So do meditation and yoga and time in nature and some kinds of music and connection with friends.

Safer than snorting a powerful hormone with potential unwanted side effects over the long term.

That said, I hope you find a sweetie soon.

Thank you...

...but I was actually thinking of a friend who has autism, as oxytocin has been shown to improve symptoms of the condition. My friend, unfortunately, can't leave her house very often due to a sunlight allergy, so her interactions with nature and other people are few and far between.

Pretty damn alone...

...but there are people like that. Hans Christian Andersen (yes, THAT one) used to hire prostitutes just to talk to him for a couple of hours because he had such a hard time socializing.