What's been up with the server on this site?

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It's been wigging out. Almost has me paranoid about SOPA act....Seriously guys, what's the deal? The server has just been so unreliable for weeks now. It's been hard enough without my penguin, Fluff, but to top it off my modern day hero's website has been difficult if not impossible to access. Today is the first time it has worked in a long time for me, and even then, it gave me a bunch of server error messages, and made it difficult to get through. I am surprised as hell that it even got through and that I'm typing anything into the blog at all. I just want you guys to know that the site has been up to some funny business for a few weeks now, and I seriously hope that any weird conspiracy theory leanings I have entertained (can't help myself/SOPA) aren't true. Because I don't mean to indulge your egos (Marnia, Gary), but I can't imagine "the powers that be/corporations/etc" really wanting the sort of information provided here on your website being widespread to the general public, because it would make people less vulnerable to all manner of manipulation/advertising ploys/general unhappiness/etc... Long story short, I'm just want to see this website protected and thriving. The only reason I want their to be any trouble accessing it would be due to a "busy" server. That would just be a good sign that more and more people are freaking out and waking up. But the way it's been acting lately, (past 3 weeks, since I've moved back to California actually,) I can't tell what's going on. Hope this posts. Hope you get it.



Got it

It's driving us nuts too, but as we're traveling we can't do much about it. We're working on solutions though.

However, no paranoia is in order on this occassion. Dreamhost, our server had ten servers melt down all at once and chaos has reigned.

How are you doing with your grief?


Nice to know that you are

Nice to know that you are alive,I use my mobile to go online.I had the most weird feeling without YBOP and Reuniteing,I felt like a soldier charging on enemy,and suddenly lost an army beside me,nothing,only mist behind me,and the enemy is still out there.Then I remembered what Gary and Marnia thought us.It is simple : GO ON. And I charged,I still go on,I am fighting the hardest battle,but thanks to Gary and Marnia I know how to fight.Thank you,Gary thank you Marnia,enjoy your holliday,even when the server is out,you are there with us,enjoy your hollidays guys,you deserve it,and we ll keep on going...

This happened to me a few moments ago:

Holy SHIT. SOPA and ACTA are real. I just had my internet disabled with error 404 pages coming up, and was told to contact my internet provider. So I called those bastards and finally got to speak to a HUMAN, and she said, "Oh yes. Our "abuse" department contacted us and informed us that you have been engaging in internet piracy, and the downloading of copyright materials. You are allowed only 3 violations. After the 3rd violation you will be permanently disconnected from the internet." I was INFURIATED. My response was as follws; "This is some 1984 totalitarian shit and I feel that my privacy has been violated on so many levels. You do realize that you are the only internet service provider in the area right?" She then informed me that if our internet service is unsecured (which it is, we don't lock that shit, we believe in the freedom to information around these parts, and have no qualms with sharing with the neighbors)-that "other people using your connection to download things will cause the "abuse" department to count it as another violation, and will disconnect us for up to 20 days and we will mail you a form acknowledging the crimes that you will sign and fax back to us, and we will turn in on again." (this is "violation 2") Violation 3 is you will never see the internet again. She even had a list of all of my internet activity, (and most likely the internet activity of numerous others in the neighborhood who enjoy our connection). This THOROUGHLY creeped me the fuck out and made me feel monitored Orwell style. A warning to everybody.

I actually know that dreamhost is your server

I looked into it actually, before I got your response. What I am curious about is why so many of their servers are down. Also, yesterday, (tuesday the 6th) 25 alleged anonymous members (the internet based vigilantes) were arrested. This is all getting a bit creepy and 1984 for my taste. I don't think it's paranoia at this point. I think I have a feeling in my bones about it. I assume dreamhost is a number of websites servers. I have a friend who uses dreamhost. I just don't like this guys.

"The powers that be"

[quote=Sniff]I can't imagine "the powers that be/corporations/etc" really wanting the sort of information provided here on your website being widespread to the general public, because it would make people less vulnerable to all manner of manipulation/advertising ploys/general unhappiness/etc... [/quote]
Unfortunately, those "powers-that-be", whom I shall refer to in this thread as the Black Lodge, have already succeeded in holding back human evolution, well before the existence of this site, YBOP, Marnia's two books, and the NoFap movement.

Around 1950, when a man who wrote under the pen-name of Samael Aun Weor released a book named The Perfect Matrimony, which was meant to reveal to humanity the then-secret practice of Alchemy (which is similar to Karezza, but has a rigid and well-defined goal of reincarnating the human soul), the Black Lodge responded by telling him that they would also write a book to counter his own. So, he waited for many years for a book on black tantra to be released. Aun Weor soon realized that they never put out one singular book, but instead promoted pornographic materials as their "book".

If you look at what our society has become within those 60 years, you can easily see evidence that they've already done everything they needed to suppress the superior knowledge. To the masses, anyone who values chastity is crazy and irrational, and what we and thousands of others have confirmed to be true through our own experience is nothing but "pseudoscience". Thousands are at least beginning to wake up and improve themselves *a little bit*, if NoFap's subscription count of 8,500+ members is at all meaningful, but most of the rest of the ~7 billion people on this Earth still suspect nothing.

It is extremely unlikely that Reuniting or YBOP would ever be a target for anyone trying to suppress those sites' information. For one thing, it would not go unnoticed by Reddit's NoFap, and Reddit is a much larger website hosted on dedicated web servers, that would probably be hard to take down by anyone other than the U.S. government.

And that's beside the point that trying to take down any one site would be a complete waste of time, since the Black Lodge has already won anyway and doesn't need to do anything more. At this point, we can only hope that as many people find this information as possible.