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♥Sympathy Hangover: Does anyone else experience this?

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When my partner has an orgasm, MY perception changes. My feelings change, everything does. It bothers me because even though I am aware of it, it seems completely beyond my control. It's as if my body picks up on all of it, (pheromones, hormones, etc..) and produces a response against my own will. It would be one thing if it only had affects on HIS perception, behavior and demeanor. That would only make sense. It's his orgasm. But it alters my perception dramatically.

♥Unrelated really

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I just want to inform everyone that I made a new years resolution to learn to stand on my head, proper. I have achieved said mastery, and it is good.
Seeing as how I learned it before new years, I will reward myself,
with frequent headstands.

Thank you.
That is all.

Soft Entry?

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So, this soft entry stuff I keep hearing about....
Not sure how I feel about it exactly.
I am not a fan of the idea of "having sex before my body is ready."
I have read about it and such, and I just can't really get excited about it.
But my mind is open nonetheless.

Anyone here have any experiences with it that they could share?


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Marnia, a few years ago, I purchased "Peace Between The Sheets." I still own it today, and I adore you... But I am confused: Is "Cupids Poisoned Arrow" a companion piece or is it the same book with a different cover and title? Pardon me if I seem a little slow on the uptake..

♥A Brief History Of Fluff And Sniff

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Greetings to all. I am Sniff. I have been at this Karezza magic since about 2007. I was in a long and sordid relationship of 6 years, when just last year I met the love of my life and experienced the most serendipitous certainty I have ever come to know. So much certainty in fact, that I moved across the country to be with him. Perfect math. It just so happened that he had an addiction to porn. Ok, almost perfect math...This was something I gathered immediately upon our first physical encounter. Something I could sense in his body, but not something that was spoken aloud.