A Summary of the Last Week

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A Summary of the Last Week

So much to report over the last week or so. The last time I blogged S and I were moving along nicely, but a bit too fast. Marnia was spot on the money with her suggestion that we return to bonding behaviours and not so much naked cuddling and stroking etc.

By the way, before I go back to last week, today marks three weeks since I last masturbated (MO) and it’s been much longer than that since last PMO, but I can’t remember exact date.

Weds 22nd August

This is the morning where S was slightly on edge, and we decided to go a bit slower. All in all a lovely day, out for curry in the evening with friends. S fell asleep listening to my heart beat whilst we were on the sofa. Then to our own beds.

Thurs 23rd August

I was up early, incredibly horny! Went for hard bike ride which helped a lot. Back to ‘Karezza’ our breakfast whilst S roused. We ran together to the beach, and I ran naked into the sea – wonderful! S has a cold coming. Lovely breakfast in the sun.

By lunchtime, I had very bad headache and tensions in my stomach. Jumping up and down like a ‘cat on a hot tin roof’. S read up on the genital massage technique in Kevin’s article and performed this on me for nearly 40 minutes. The effect was immediate and profound. No erection, just relaxation. I felt great again for the remainder of the day. Lovely baths in the evening and some massage. (head for me and I moisturised S’s whole body). Then into our bed – yes our bed for naked cuddles (when will we learn!) before I left for my bed. Very caring, loving and in all the moment.

Friday 24th August

Up early for bike ride. Met S near house walking the dogs – how lovely! Embraced with relief as I had been paranoid because the previous evening I had slipped off S’s panties without asking before I moisturised her. I was convinced this would be an issue, but S said she had hardly noticed.

Spent the morning at work (I work from home). After lunch I relapsed as per the previous day. S performed genital massage again but had to dash for the cold flannel because I was seconds from coming! This was with just ball massage which was incredible because I normally need very hard work on my shaft to come! Anyway, relaxation soon commenced and I slept after whist S worked in the same room. I cried and was very emotional and got up completely shattered. We walked to beach in the rain. I swam and soon felt on top of the world again.
Hot bath together, supper, a bit of TV then to bed. S invited me to read, then cuddle in our bed again. There was a semi-invitation to stay the night but I declined(!) and left for my own little bed. Slept.

Saturday 25th August

Went to S at 5:30 and cuddled and slept until 8am. A note in the diary from S goes as follows:

“Whilst cuddling this morning, dozing etc, I felt for the first time that I would actually quite like to have Karezza intercourse. This is the first time that I haven’t viewed this with trepidation”

No problems with sexual tension in me for rest of the day. Gym in late afternoon, supper with S’s family, back at 9pm, TV, then read in bed. S hot from her cold. I got a bit hot sexually and left for my own bed.

Sunday 26th August

Awoke early, read for a bit, then went to S and climbed in. S was very hot to touch, and did not want me there. I got straight out and went for bike ride.

On my return, S was up and cleaning in the en-suite bathroom. I got the impression S was cleansing me from the room and there was definitely something up! In actual fact, S had spent the night thinking and had decided that we were going too fast again. Massive upset followed, I cried and went into panic mode. Big talk before breakfast as S set out the new boundaries. Back to me not entering without knocking etc, and massage and bonding activities to be held in a neutral spare room, which S had set up beautifully as a massage haven. This was what S was doing when she was cleaning!

There was still a lot of tension during the day, but this got better after we bonded after supper with massage (partly clothed) in the new room. Bonded before bed, and loving restored.

Monday 27th August

A bank holiday here in the UK today. I was ‘visited by demons’ after I awoke – very strong sexual urges, dealt with the usual hard bike ride! But, having said that, a much calmer day all round. Nice activities all day. Family visit and supper. Watched TV, got sleepy, massage and then to our own beds.

Tuesday 28th August

Woke up 4am, sad and tearful but not horny. Bike ride! S was up when I returned, explained my feelings and all better after a hug! Lovely relaxed brekkie in the Autumnal sun.

Just a working day followed, no genital massage required since Sunday! Evening baths, massage and bonding behaviour was to look deeply into each other’s eyes.

Wednesday 29th August

A good night for both of us. No issues for me. Big bike ride for me – over 90 minutes from 5:30 am. Worked out in the garden while S slept (still has cold). Lovely breakfast, but burned the porridge a bit!

I worked all day. Wrote S a love poem and placed it under her pillow. S had nephews to stay over the day. Took them home 6pm. Fish and Chips on the sea front. (We know how to live!) Walk the dogs. Home for hot candlelit bath (shared). I massaged S’s back. TV, then a cuddle in nighty (S) and undies (me) in my bed. Night night! (oh yes, S loved the poem).

In summary: Despite the ups and downs, we are both loving the experience!



Sounds like its going quite well

You seem to have all the essentials in place and it can only get better. I also found i only needed the genital massages for a week or two. Im excited for the pair of you.

I told my beloved this morning that she is the best thing that ever happened to me. 3 months ago i never would have imagined saying that, not in a million years.

Those mood swings

can be so unnerving. And until your mutual desire syncs up, they may hang around. Try to just observe them. They pass...as you've seen...so don't make them "real."

You're doing great, by the way.


You may also find that having her hold your penis gently is a nice way to fall asleep. Smile There's just something comforting about feeling "received," even if intercourse isn't an option.