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I've been very lonely. Lonely because I'm self-employed with no one around, lonely because I have no woman in my life....just a bad place. Fantasy and masturbation has been an escape. I have to admit, as sad as it may be, its almost been a welcomed escape. There are reasons why it make it more difficult for me to find someone, which I don't feel like going into, but you would understand if you knew.

However, I was around two people today who probably have it worse than I do but should that really make me feel better? I'm thinking about going back to do therapy. REBT to be exact. Hopefully it will help with my irrational beliefs.


Do that.

Talk to the counselor. Try not to isolate. Force yourself to do things in real life where you will be in a position to meet people. Anybody, especially men who are in a good place that you want to be like. Hanging out with people who are in a worse place in life than me never makes me feel good unless I'm helping them in some way.

Hi Starting Over

I work alone, self employed writing at home.
I am married though. We moved two years ago away from friends that had taken quite a few years to make. As you get older there seem to be less opportunity to meet new friends and I have felt very lonely over the last two years.
Working at home made quitting a bigger challenge as relapse was too easy, so some days I would go and work in a coffee shop or after I had been to the gym I'd stay and work in the cafe area. It felt great to be achieving and being out there and it made me feel less like a recluse.
I also volunteered to help with a charity and I can do some of that during the day sometimes in the week and that has helped too.
Maybe you could try working not at home or joining something? (I don't know your circumstances so please bear with me if that is something that you can't do)
I liked your last blog - there is something nice about saying, "hello" to a stranger.