My road to transmutation

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A little about me, 39 I look 29 great shape, handsome (never had a problem w/the ladies), black male in a 5 year relationship, divorced 2 lil girls.

I began to think about withholding thru my esoteric studies but didn’t actually start trying until 4 months ago. My gf & I have regular sex 2-3x per week. I found it extremely difficult not to ejaculate in her, difficult to teach an old dog new tricks! I had my 1st breakthrough about 3 months ago, then again about 3-4 weeks ago. So far I have been able to go 3 love making sessions without EJ. This may not sound like a big deal but for me, this is HUGE. I don’t have any issues with masturbating so if we are not having sex I have no other sexual outlet, which is cool.

My next goal is to last 2 weeks or 5-6 sexual encounters. I will say I agree with the other posts, when I do withhold I am actually stronger in the gym, my cardio and overall persona improves. I’m already a magnetic personality practicing Karazza has only amplified my natural personality. This is great!!
I’ll update in 2 weeks!



great to hear your story and your journey

I assume no ejaculation means no orgasm. It is possible for a man to have orgasm without ejaculation. So assuming that, I hope you are doing a lot of bonding behaviors with your woman. That is a key I think. Combine no orgasm with that and you have an amazing new world. That's been my experience.

Totally worth it. I don't care if I never have another orgasm again. This has been so great for me, indescribable really. Glad you are trying it too.

Yes it is

One of the joys I am discovering is the ability to have the contractions of an orgasm without the relese of semen. I get the same max flex feeling & sensation, but no juice!!


You remind me of me in the beginning. At first I was trying for two times in a row, then three, then a whole week, two weeks, a month and so on. I wish you the best. And stick with it, you WILL get the hang of it.