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He Prefers to Pull Out...

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My fiance prefers to pull out when he's ready to orgasm and have me finish him with my hand. It has nothing to do with the "visual", but everything to do with the feeling. He says it feels better than staying inside. Is this truly just a preferance thing, or could it have to do with the fact that he may have "lost some feeling" there and needs the tighter, harder squeeze? If you don't know my story...he's still in denial. Been dealing with this since December when I found out he was PMO'ing approximately 5 times per week (sex with me 5-7 times per week).

Does Rock Bottom = ED?

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I have the fiance that is in complete denial that he has a problem. Even though I fully expected it, it did not help matters when his psyciatrist told him yesterday that it is completely normal for a 37-year-old to MO once per day, even when he's having great sex with his lady 5-7 times per week. Does ANYONE seek help BEFORE they reach problems with ED? Or is this the true Rock Bottom? My brave & loving sister is navigating this with me and she expressed it in a way I had not quite heard before: for this type of addict, the addiction itself makes them seek help.

He Wants To Know If MO Can Peacefully Co-Exist With A Healthy Sex Life. . .

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My fiance and I are in very different places regarding MO . . . he kept his PMO a secret until I inadvertantly discovered it 8 weeks ago, letting him know about my discovery 3+ weeks ago. I found out he was engaging in PMO five times per week, we have amazing sex 5 - 7 times per week. It has been a very rough ride these past few weeks. After watching Gary's videos on YBOP, he does believe porn can cause a problem and has stopped using it (he says, but because of the past lies/secrets I can't be sure). For argument's sake, let's assume he has been successful with that.