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So, after weeks of no sex, no M, no O, or any other letter of the alphabet, we finally had some Karezza style sex. I guess you could technically call it "sex", but there is no one word to accurately describe what we were doing. It was beautiful, magical, and amazing. I have never felt more connected to another human before in this life. I finally understand what you all are talking about. The wave of pleasure that washes over you, the intense emotional and physical connection, and interestingly enough, the ending. Without the orgasm to determine when either of us was done, our bodies kind of just let us know at the same time. It was so amazing to be so in sync.




reading about your experience. How wonderful.

Over time, my prediction is he will become more interested and you will become more soothed and your drives will become more of a match. 

I'm having an interesting experience

As per me, maybe due to my negativity and being in the midst of a rather nasty porn reboot, I didn't really think too much at first, but it's really beginning to grow on me, especially the feeling I have AFTER it's over. It's so positive. I don't know what my partner thinks. Sometimes, she's real happy, and others she's really craving orgasm, even when we don't move.

Surprisingly enough he had a

Surprisingly enough he had a difficult time staying slow and not getting too heated up. He was craving the O too. We did have to stop a few times to let it pass. He is very supportive and into the whole experience.

I'm holding on and still no M-O. That right there is quite an accomplishment. The angry throbbing in my lady region has dulled to an ache. The thought of sex is still constantly on my mind. Does that pass?

Tips for beginners...

Male or female of any sexual drive, following the reboot is a good idea. I think of it as "wiping the slate clean" and each partner gets a fresh start. It's impossible to control what others do, but starting from the same point gives a sense of "we"re in this together".

The cuddling sessions are AMAZING!! Do them as much as possible! When the more experienced "Elders" of this group suggest things like cuddling or bonding behaviors it is because they really work.

I went from a desperate situation to a hopeful, yet peaceful situation. There will be struggles. Nothing worth having is ever easy but this is something that IS achievable.

Sounds good

I'm glad you are getting started with Karezza! It seems to be a good way for both of you. Interesting though that he was also craving the O!

of course

this is what makes it challenging. Changing programs. One program is the O, the other program is the oxytocin Karezza program. We can choose the programs we run. It may be that Sweetdee Guy isn't really convinced this is a good direction but if he sticks with it for a few weeks he can see the magic and then decide what he wants to do. It's a different world at that point. 3 weeks abstaining is best and my experience is the longer I went without orgasm the better it all got in every way.