Frenuloplasty to avoid ejaculation

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Around 5 years ago I got the frenulum cut as it was short and the glans was bent. Now the skin stays back if I place it there and the glans is not so sensitive (autocircumcision). I think it looks better and it it's much easier to avoid ejaculation. As young I had problem with premature ejaculation, but now I can easily avoid.
We have weekly sex, but I only ejaculate a few times per year (I'm 68 years old) if I'm not focused to avoid it. The back side could be a little harder to get erection, but that is not a problem. I would be glad to hear other experiences....



It Sounds Like... are intact (i.e., not circumcised), given that '...the (fore?)skin stays backs if I place it there...'? I am on the opposite tack, trying to regrow foreskin (I was circumcised as an infant) and regain sensitivity in my glans and shaft. Folks in that community -- 'Tuggers' ( -- report that regrown foreskin, covering their glans and shaft, makes their penis much more sensitive. So, if you were trying to reduce sensitivity, it seems like you took the right path. In my experience, my glans is covered for at least eight hours each day from my 'tugging' rig ( Over time, the keratin layer on my glans has been shedding, making my glans softer, pink, and more sensitive. So, with your glans exposed to some degree for five years, I assume that you grew a thicker layer of skin on it in response to your glans rubbing against your underwear?

Me, with my heightening sensitivity, I now experience higher pleasure with less movement. So, I use fewer 'in and out' motions to maintain ejaculatory control. Chances are that if you still have your foreskin tube covering your shaft, that it maintains vaginal secretions in the canal, keeping things lubricated, which reduces the chance of skin irritation for you or your partner if you have moved to more in and out motion with your less sensitive glans. At least, that is what I am experiencing with my emerging foreskin.

Glad to hear that you are experiencing what you hoped for, and that you have excellent ejaculatory control! Continent intercourse is a wondrous thing!

Thank you, John, for

Thank you, John, for interesting sharing. I understand the difference and I'm glad to have both possibilities, so if I need more sensitivity I can keep it covered. I kept I covered some weeks a year ago, but I prefer exposed and it works best for me now. So I'm glad not being circumcised as the skin also support the lubrication at intercourse.