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Male 64 with partner not completely interesting of the karezza path, so she finishes with an orgasm. However I have been living the karezza/tantric way for 12 years, but lately I have sometimes noticed weaker erections and a little less desire. Ejaculations are not interesting longer, but to stay close to the limit for long time is what I enjoy. I'm have been much more energetic and creative and filled with love feelings since I avoid ejaculations. However I have found out that there is some kind of taxation to stay close to the limit for an hour or two. It takes up to a week untill the desire returns in spite of no ejaculation. The drop don't come untill after 24 hours. It seems that the volume of sperm is disapearing slowly during a day and then it takes some days for the desire to return. It returns faster if I don't get so close to the limit but stay a little more than half way.
I would like to hear if someone have similar experiences?



I don't know if this would be interesting

What if I masturbate (edge) or watch porn without orgasm? | Your Brain On Porn

That page is about "edging." This is a common practice among today's streaming online porn users, who can remain "on the edge" of climax for long periods of time by clicking to novel sexual stimuli online. Based on what I've read on the recovery forums for years, I suspect research would also show edging is associated with escalation to needing stronger stimuli. (Studies Find Escalation in Porn Users) I guess, in theory, edging during sex could drive a need for hotter stimulation, which could help explain your gradual decline in arousal. Dunno.

In any case edging is clearly problematic for some porn users, so I wonder if there's a partial parallel with your experience.

Maybe staying at a lower intensity is the way. We've certainly found that works best for us. The focus shifts to each other, and away from "trying to get somewhere." The latter can stressful.

Thank you Marnia, your link

Thank you Marnia, your link and comment is very interesting!

I don't watch porn, but for sure it is about edging and that has a price. One reason for edging has been to try to get orgasm without ejaculating according to tantric theory, but that is as you say also "trying to get somewhere". I have learned something new and like the idea stay at lower intensity. I will test Smile

I totally get it

If you go too close to the edge, it can have the same effect as an orgasm.

The sex that I tend to practice is closer to the edge, with quiet periods constantly interspersed, and if I get too close to the edge, I really feel it the next few days as you do. Less so in the spring or summer, worse effets in the winter.

I also think, and this will be a gasp here, but I think sometimes coming helps to reset things. I think it can reset high estrogen levels and make erections better if not done too often. I think sometimes I build super high testosterone levels, and it causes my erections to tank due to high estrogen. Not sure about this, but the effect is crummy erections.

I'm not sure the frequency or the circumstances,but it seems so for me that coming occasionally fixes this.

So now, If my erections get a bit weaker, then I come, and things reset themselves after the customary washout period. Might be once every few weeks or once a month but it seems to improve things. I am trying to not do this and see if it can work.

Avoiding fantasy really, really helps. Fantasy can get me too charged up and then my erections will not be as strong.

Also, some prohormones help a lot. A tiny bit of DHEA, a tiny bit of androsterone, a tiny bit of pregnenolone, really help keep things youthful.

And, keeping really warm, and spendiing time under red lights, helps. Exposing the prostate and testicles to red light (not hot light, but red light) helps tremendously.



Thank you for very interesting comment!
In fact I have already noticed that I at a few cases have had an unwanted ejaculation even with bad erection and after a week the erections are better again. It seems that the body has a limit for charging up and solv it in one ore another way. Also for me reset once per month seem to be good for keeping desire and good erections. I will be more aware of this knowledge onwards. Anyhow I am less worried about it and already that helps.

Not saying you're wrong.

Not saying you're wrong. Could take longer, a lifetime, or vary by individual. Perhaps we will know more in the future.

Perhaps we've evolved to try to procreate every so often no matter what.

Red light therapy

Any good links about this? What I found focused on increased circulation. I don't see why that needs light therapy. Does this go back to pre-bipedal evolution where the red light was sunlight?


emerson, I am not familiar with taking hormones. Are they pills? Prescription, or OTC? What was the genesis of you taking such? Did a trusted physician (e.g., Dr. Mercola, GreenMedInfo.com) point you in that direction?

I have heard wonderful things about light therapy. Great to hear that you have found such useful. I look forward to getting an infrared sauna (which may be something different from what you use, but is a similar concept).

What sort of red light do you use?