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Back after about a year, here's my story.

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Greetings to one and all, some of you may know me, many of you probably don't and maybe some just don't remember... either way I'm back to offer up my story and support for others.

I'm honestly too tired/lazy at the moment to look up my join date, etc. but I joined probably about 2 years ago maybe longer and have been gone from the site for abouta year, I want to say. I had a relationship for 9 months that ended recently (no, not what you might be thinking with the 9 month thing) and have come back to offer advice, information and just kinda tell my story and reconnect.


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Last night we had sex again. I was definitely able to keep my erection longer and it was stronger than previously. And for the first time in my life, I had an orgasm during PVI. Our relationship is continuing to bud and grow in depth and complexity. We naturally spend hours in bonding behaviors when we're together "just because". We enjoy it.

I know that as time goes on my body and mind will continue to acclamate themselves to reality, and get even further away from 2d stimulation.

2 anxiet/frustration driven pmo's

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Well I'm not feeling particularly bummed out or setback by my 2 pmo's. I know why it happened... I was feeling confused and frustrated about our 5th date. We saw a movie tonight and the whole thing felt awkward and forced. Last couple days I've been having hocd fears. I think there's just this disconnect between how my body used to react when it was anywhere near the suggestion or idea of girls and sex and how my body is supposed to act as a mature adult, and my not experiencing the natural transition between the two stages.

I spent the night

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33 days np, 4 days nmo.

Last night I spent that night at "Kendra's" house. It was our fourth time seeing each other in one week, and we met about a week ago. She invited me over for dinner, which was great and I met her sister and brother-in-law.

After dinner we watched a movie (barely watched) and just cuddled and made out for about 3 hours. Then we just spent the rest of the night cuddling and sleeping together.

3rd dates the charm.

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OK so it is now safe to say that things are going quite well with the new girl. We had dessert and hung out and talked for several hours. Then we finally were able to get that kiss in that we had both been wanting but couldnt manage. We are both so similar in so many ways, its fascinating. We ended up making out for a while and just enjoying the stillness of cuddling. It was great.

I did feel some action downstairs though it was not 100% strength, and came and went to varying degrees during. I do think I had precum though, which is encouraging.

29d np 2/3d nmo, 2nd date.

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Short update since I'm on my phone and typing is a pain.

Had 2nd date, went well. I made dinner and set up a fire at the beach for us. She was impressed by and appreciated my efforts. Laid down on the sand and talked for four hours. Had some almost snuggle time when we both got cold and shared a blanket.

We're both looking forward to date 3. Neither of us was ready for a kiss yet although we had more incidental touching, just arms/shoulders touching while laying down. I'm amazed by how time goes by when I'm with her and i don't even notice.

26d np 0d mo

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OK little update here folks. So I had a great date last night. She's pretty, funny, super intelligent (Mensa member) and we have a lot of similar beliefs and views and interests. We saw a movie which was kind of a bust, but the conversation after was great. We saw a movie at 7 and I didn't get home til 1245. Lots of good conversation. I'm getting better at showing interest and flirting also. I think we both wanted a kiss at the end of the night but neither of us was ready.

23d n/p 8d n/m

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OK so small update. Beginning to notice more horn, having uncontrollable dreams/fantasies that I wake up from as I'm calling asleep. Its good BC it makes me think I'm getting better, so alleviates hocd fears. Whew!