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OK so small update. Beginning to notice more horn, having uncontrollable dreams/fantasies that I wake up from as I'm calling asleep. Its good BC it makes me think I'm getting better, so alleviates hocd fears. Whew!

Also I'm starting to move on from the woman I had two dates with. She's nice and I like her Nd km open to the possibility of a relationship beginning but she's so bad at initiating communication and returning messages I don't think that's something I would want to deal with in a serious relationship. So I have a date on Sunday with someone new and a date on Monday with another new person.

Things Re going well although the desire to "unload" is becoming stronger.


so incredibly exciting!

we call that wonderful progress. And smart too, for not belittling yourself or your self image getting tied up with a woman who doesn't have the room in her life for you right now...

Since its only 2 days since

Since its only 2 days since my last post I think I'll just add to my last one. So last night I started to m after tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep most of the night. Almost came but stopped myself before I got there. I'm surprised how fast it would have happened though.

Big date with verrrry promising new girl tonight. I like her more than the first, we seem like a better fit for each other as far as our values and lifestyle and beliefs go as well. I'll post about how it went later but, just checking in and logging my near miss haha.