3rd dates the charm.

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OK so it is now safe to say that things are going quite well with the new girl. We had dessert and hung out and talked for several hours. Then we finally were able to get that kiss in that we had both been wanting but couldnt manage. We are both so similar in so many ways, its fascinating. We ended up making out for a while and just enjoying the stillness of cuddling. It was great.

I did feel some action downstairs though it was not 100% strength, and came and went to varying degrees during. I do think I had precum though, which is encouraging.

Tomorrow night she's making dinner for me at her house and we're watching a movie.

So 4 dates in one week, we both really like each other, 31 days np, 2d nmo, things are looking up.


Oh yeah, thats for sure. As

Oh yeah, thats for sure. As enticing as it might sound, I know I'm not ready for sex yet. There are some discussions that need to be had prior to that for me to feel comfortable with it, and my last two sexual relationships started way too fast. This is going fast also but km going to make sure it doesn't go beyond kissing for a bit at least.

Any tips for telling her I want to go all the way but don't feel ready? Or is it just as simple as it sounds?

You're the pilot

Just tell her...in your best Barry White voice...that you want to take it slow because you've noticed that relationships where people rush tend to be more fragile.

You can even send her this article so she understands the benefits of focusing on bonding behaviors while the two of you take your time: The Lazy Way to Stay in Love.