Chemical addiction to female presence?

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So I think I've noticed that I'm having some interesting feelings when around, and thinking about the latest woman I'm seeing. For self at least the physical sensations I feel when nervous or excited or afraid are often similar. They're also similar in some respects to the feelings I used to get when aroused.

I've noticed that now when I'm around and when I think about this person I'm seeing that I start to get a bit of a sensation on my stomach almost like being nervous but I know that's not what it is.

I also can't help but smile just a bit when thinking about her, and I'm starting to have fantasies involving her and have even had dreams about her although I don't remember the content.

Just some observations I wanted to share.

On a side note I think I'm being a little too shy with her and I may need to do something demonstrative to make sure knows I want physical contact with her. I keep getting questions about have I made a move on her or not from coworkers and friends but it just seems too soon to me. I don't know. I'm very hesitant to make the first month e and always have been but maybe I need to?


Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the advice!

I don't know if I'll get to give her the massage, but I took a step towards some playful flirtation today.

I wish I could have said it over the phone or in person but she was at work so I had to text her, but anyway...

she texted me last night and we were talking briefly about our days and it sounded a little like hers was stressful but I wasn't sure if she wanted to talk about it or not. I should've asked or said something, I see that now, but I didn't at the time.

so anyway this morning I just sent her something to let her know I was thinking about her and I hoped she had a great day and that yesterday sounded stressful and that if she wanted to after her day was over I would be free to listen to any work stories and I could google up some massage techniques if she needed to relax, haha!

I know she's super busy when she's at work and she took the time to shoot me back a little something, she said I had made her day.

I'm really not used to being flirtatious, so I'm learning how to do so without coming on too strong or awkwardly.

Thanks again!