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So as I write this I'm on day 13 of what is probably my 10th attempt at a reboot. I'm 2 days away from the longest time of no pmo in about 8 years. I think I'm going to do quite well this time. Last night is the first night insomnia has begun to set in during this reboot attempt. It was surprising I had two spontaneous erections last night while trying to sleep. No fantasy, no stimulation. I think part of my issue is that I have some negative emotions associated with sex and sexuality and that I shouldn't block feelings of arousal or sexuality, I just need to not pmo and realize that as a person sexuality is naturally a part of my being and not to suppress it.

Regardless in 2 days I'll be at 15 days no pmo which is my longest yet. I might have a promising date tomorrow but she'll probably cancel on me. We were supposed to have a date 3 occasions in the last month and a half. Regardless, I'm hopeful but my day/weeks enjoyment isn't hinging on the date.

I'll check back in, in a few days probably.


Glad you're

still trying...with the woman too!

I wonder if any of these techniques would help you move and spread the sexual energy when it comes up. That way it can empower you, with no feelings of repression. Energy Circulation Practices

Let us know what you think.

*fingers corssed about the date*